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Break the seal of the young Neighbor Girl

Indian Sex Story
A friend, my name is Amit (changed). I'm only 24 years old now. I live in Mumbai (Maharashtra). My color is a bit lessened. The size of my chicks is fine, I do not want to lie that the size of my cocks is huge. I have been reading Hindi sex stories on intercity for many years on an intercity, so I thought why not even share your x story with you all. This is my first sex story of fuck... hope you all will like. If you realize a mistake, then forgive me. This thing has been done one and a half years ago, but since the beginning of this we have to go back a few years. We used to rent a house in the upper portion. After a while, a family came to stay on rent in the lower part. There were 6 members of that family. Husband, wife and their two sons and daughter of a big boy and a girl. This is the same girl who has this fuck sex story. Her name was Kanchan (changed), she did not know her age. But I was 3-4 years older.

Let me tell you about the girl... She was not very special in appearance, she was just fine. But his breast was very big. That was a bit thick. She used to exercise a lot of studies. We did not have much to talk about. Her first initiative came out of such for long time and we came to live in the rental house elsewhere. After that I got his number in some way. There was a domestic relationship between her family and my family. So we used to do general things. Therefore, the phone conversation started easily. One day while chatting with him, I started offering jokes to become girlfriends. I just had to kill the pigeon. But she said that she would think.

I understood that by thinking, I would say yes. So I thought what I needed to tell that I'm joking. I thought of waiting for her to come first. She next day she did 'yes'. And so we started letting to cut out here. The next day I told her to whom she said 'yes'. We plan to meet on the second day. Where can I get it, when it was talked about, She said that She went to see the movie. What can there be? I thought only what would happen to If this is done so quickly for any reason, then let's look at a little more emphasis, find out if something else will happen. I told him not to see any information in the movie hall, walk in my friend's room.

So she made 'yes' on it more quickly. I understood that what I used to think was decent, it seems to be tiring. Then I thought what is it to me... I'm going to get to fuck myself. And that too for the first time when Cocks was getting the chance, the eyes went blind and played the game. According to the plan we went to my friend's room the next day. When we went there, we both sat on the bed. Now it started to burst... which was the first time

I courageously told him - I have to hug.

She did not say anything, just turned to me; I took him in his arms. After I did not delay, I kept limping on her lips straight and sucking her lips. My friend was about to arrive in an hour and I thought it was worth not to delay too long and sucking her lips and licked on the bed and climbing Herself on She and sucking lips.

How am I going to enjoy? Shaking his lips, I started waving my hands on his body. As soon as I reached She mums through her stomach, she suddenly started shaking, as if she had a jerk.  She grabbed my hand completely and stopped me. But where I was going to obey Her, I did not remove my hands from her Breast, and I kept her mamas from the top of the cloth.

She kept refusing, but where I was supposed to believe. His nipples were so thick that she was not coming completely in my hand. Then I put my hand in her top and started pressing her Mormons from her bra. She kept trying to get out of my hand. Then I removed her top and dropped her bra too. She was also giving it and 'No...' was also doing.

Here on my face was the ghost of sex, seeing her nipples, I became even crazier. She started hiding his Breast with his hands. I removed her hands and took her nipple straight in her mouth and started sucking like crazy.

His mammals will have 36 or 38 inch size. I sucked her and her mamas were sucking and sucking red. As soon as I cut it on a nipple, it would be crushed. I put my hand on her jeans while sucking mamma. As soon as she got his hand on top of the panties, she was aghast, She kept trying to take out my hand but I did not take out the hand. I kept rubbing her pants from the top of the pants. His pussy was soaked. I put down his jeans and panties. She tried to fail me to stop me. But I gave her panties away. She got up, but I did not let her get up. I quickly climbed over him and kept one hand on his breast and the other hand started to rotate on his chest. As soon as she put his finger in his chest, She got out of his mouth. I kept rubbing her grain so that she started to bump... she was also suffering from pain.

Then I came down while doing her. As soon as my mouth came over his chest, I became crazier with the scent of his cheek, I could not stop myself and put my mouth on his chest.

As soon as I took his rash in his mouth, she felt like a curtain... his hands came to my head and She started sounding very fast and started sounding. She pressed my head so fast that she would take my head in his arms. I licked his cheek and bitten his grain in between so that She started moving his feet like crazy. She pressed my mouth more loudly in my face. I understood that it is going to be a fall, I wanted to remove my face... but she did not remove it and she got lost on my face.

I also felt his water very tasty.. Then I licked my pussy and cleansing her pussy. Now I quickly loaded my clothes. I asked him to suck his cock so she refused.

Not taking too long, I climbed upright. As soon as I put my cocks on his face, she started refusing and ran away. She was weighing in the body, so it was difficult for me to control him. By doing so, I removed her hand and overcame it; put the cocks back on her chest. As soon as She pushed, She started 'oh oh...'
I thought to myself that the story would be doing a drama, so I did not stop and pushed it fast, so the cocks went inside. She started fluttering and started running around. It was becoming difficult for me to control it. His cock felt that heat on my cocks. I was having a lot of fun, I kept my cocks in and out. She stopped me, but I continued my work. She would say something, and then I would close his lips to my lips.

Tears in his eyes also started coming out. As soon as I thought I was going to be fasting I speeded up my speed and I fell into it and got out of it.

As soon as I removed I saw Candel was full of blood. I was surprised that I had my first fuck with sealed pack pussy. Then she stood up, she dressed herself and got angry. She was angry with me for 3-4 days. When I talked to him, she came to know that she was not having menstruation... So she was scared that she would not be pregnant. That's why she did not talk to me by fear. As soon as she became a menstrual cycle, his anxiety became disturbed.

This thing came to me later. Then we both started doing simple things. Slowly we started talking about sex again. I started sending him sexy videos too. We began to phone sex too. When I used to phone sex, I used to speak to him that I should put a finger in my pussy and put it out as if I did that day. She does the same.

Just like a few days left. Then one day I talked to him for whom. So she immediately said that She can take you right now. I asked how She So she said that she is alone at home... but for just half an hour because her mother has gone to the market. She can come anytime. I told him that once you call your mother and do not know how long she will come. She called 2 minutes later that she would take the time now.

So I immediately went to her house. His house is only 2 minutes away from my house, so I reached the spot as soon as I woke up. I knew I could not do anything more today, but who will get it.
She was waiting for me only. As soon as I reached, I took her in her arms, she also accompanied me. Then I did not take much time to keep my lips straight on my lips and sucking them. Today she  also accompanied me. After only a minute, I started feeling scared and I got away and started going. But today she was hotter than me. She started to stop me and said that the mom will take half an hour.
I started sucking his lips again and put one hand on his mum’s. She placed his hand on my hand, but not removed. I understood that the case is hot today.

I pressed again, his breast, and got ridiculous from his mouth - Ah Marseille let me...
But when I was exploding, I again took him away from him and started going. What did She do also... hanging his mouth, I came and came. As soon as I reached my house, the message came - good you want, because you went to your mother as soon as you want! Then some days left like that. After that one day his people had to go out somewhere, She stopped by making an excuse and if She told me this thing by calling me, then there was no place for happiness. I immediately reached her house.
Going inside, She was sitting in the inside room. She kept the entire room cool by running the AC. I also went and sat down to him. We had no hurry today, so we started talking about here. While chatting, I kept one hand above my thigh and kept couching. This happened because it started to warm. His warmth was revealed to me by his breath. I do not think it’s okay to do any hurry today. I kept on her thighs. In the end, she gave up and I embraced myself. I kept my hands on his back. Then I slowly dropped her top. So it was discovered that she did not wear anything under the top. I understood that I will not have to work much harder today.

I immediately kept my lips on his lips and we both started sucking each other's lips. I sucked my shirt as soon as the sucker sucks it... Then also take off his vest. Now both of us were completely naked at the top. I started to kiss her again and one hand pressed her thick Breast, today she did not stop me. We both slept with her lips sucking, I came over her. Then I put one hand on her pussy above her pussy and started rubbing her pussy from the top of the jeans.

She became like a madman. While I did not delay, I pulled off her jeans straight and her panty which was completely wet with her water. I sniffed her panties so she did not stay away from me and started licking her mouth with her mouth.

She began to pick up very fast sounds because there was nobody at home, so we had no fear. I continued my own work of rubbing... she began to grow. I was putting two fingers in her pussy and was licking her grain. She was going crazy. His vocals were getting faster. She pressed my head with his both hands and shook his ass and rubbed his face on my face. Then soon she left his water in my mouth. Which I drank all. Now she got some calm, then she removed his hand from my head. I lie down and lay down with her jeans and underwear stripping.

As soon as I lay down I was surprised because she himself caught my cock and took me straight into the mouth. I was just enjoying the pleasures of the heavenly. My cock became tighter than the heat of her mouth. It felt as if its nerves did not burst. I was having a lot of fun. When I thought I was going to die, I wanted to remove it, but it did not happen. She continued to suck the cocks and I went down in his mouth, she drank all my water, she cleaned me by licking my cock and lay down with me.
We both took 5 minutes to rest and then began to do each other. My cock stood again. Now I lay down her and came up with her own. With one hand, she set his cock on his chest and pushed it hard. Her scream got out and she started crying. My whole cord had penetrated into her pussy. She asked me to come out, but I started to explain to him that the pain will end.

I stopped like this and kept doing it, my hand kept on her Nipples. As soon she got slightly normalized. I slowly started pulling my cocks inside. She was having a pain. I continued to keep my ducks in and out of her decks. As his pain continued, I continued to increase my speed. Slowly She also came to enjoy, She began to murmur - Ah... faster and faster...
In the meantime, she had flown a couple of times.

I thought I was going to be too, so I asked him where to remove. She said that do not get inside. I pulled out my ducks and removed all the water on its mums and lay down beside it. Then we both lie down like this and talk to each other. Then both of us dressed and I took permission from her, hugged her and returned to her house. After that, she got married and I never met her.

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