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Friends, today is a true story of happiness before marriage, for you! My name is Rajeev, 20 years old and I live in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The talk was two years ago, when I was 18, my friends said, give me the party. Where did I want to refuse, I have filled the party for the party. We were 5 friends. Instead of the party was decided at Suresh's house because there was nobody in his house that day, it was good for us.

All of us were friends and friends from the house and they used to hunt for theft, cigarette, and liquor, so the program made it that the party will make Suresh's house all night and if someone gets more then they will sleep there.

For the party, we all put 1000 / - per member. I was surprised because before then all of us were putting 500 rupees per month.

I asked Suresh, then he said - there is a surprise gift for you. We all reached Suresh's house on a fixed date, cut the cake in the evening, after that everyone started beer, started singing dancing, we were very happy, but the gift was not given to me by anybody. I was also thinking that what kind of gift is a gift, which has not yet been given. Well till 9 o'clock we ate food. After that all sat down and started watching movies, along with beer was also running.

All of them were in full swing, then Suresh spoke - see, Brothers, today is the birthday of our beloved friend, Chuitiya No. 1, Sri Sri Rajiv Kumar ji, 18 years ago today, his mother screamed loudly to the whole world. That it has added another increase in the population of India. Today we all have been here to do this. But because today it has assumed the earth, in today's happiness, we will give it a surprise gift today, but in return; it will have to give something. Bol bay nhuchu ... what will you give.

I was surprised that what happened, that will also give something to take a gift, I said - what can I give? 

Suresh said - Come on, do so today, give us your respect.

I also screamed the film style loudly - no....!!!!!

So Suresh spoke - Bhosadi, now you do not even enter inside and you also screamed, first let it burst!
All were laughing. I said - to say, what do you want?

I also played blind. 'Abe, you really have kissed, fuckin' got ready, and you are going to take your pride today. I also felt a little scared; if I was a child, then all the bastards do not really kill my car.
Suresh said - Come on all the fellow people, all will have fun today.

By saying this, he took us to the rear bedroom with us - now listen to all, control all yourself, turn around all, in this bedroom today Rajeev is going to rob his brother. After hearing this, my bit got torn apart but I still smiled standing among them. When Suresh opened the door of the room, we all started to bleed. A 28-30-year gorgeous woman was sitting on the bed in the room. She was a high class escort. We all interrupted each other and looked at each other and smiling in.

As soon as the woman came inside us, the woman got up and standing was a nice happy woman, she was looking beautiful in the Punjabi-bangles suit; her small cleavage was seen from the low cutthroat. Suresh spoke- why brother? Birthday boy, loses his honor?

I also has 28-30-year-old it loots, then surely will rob it.

He also said with great affection - I will not laugh at your respect. We will just love. I loved her voice too much. We all sat on the bed around him. Suresh told him- Simran gave a little bit of the prasad and divided it to everyone. I was amazed at what kind of prasad would it be to all of us. She started asking 'Yes Yes', 'he asked.'

As we all were surrounded by him, he just got up a bit and got up and sat down on my lap, he put his scarf on the side of the landing and kept one hand of mine and put it on his own sack and pressed himself, Of course he pressed but for the first time in life a lot of fun for suppressing any High class escort girl. After that, he rotated one hand behind my head and placed a lip kiss by placing my lips on my lips.

The truth is the softness of her body and her lipstick test and for the first time a woman's touch has made me horny, my heartbeat grew, like the heat coming out of my face and ears. He sucked my lips for about 10 seconds and then bid- hold both of them! I grabbed both of his boots in both hands and pressed, what did WAW feel?

'Have fun?' She said.

'Very, you are the first woman whose body I touched like this.'

He smiled, and one by one, giving the same kiss to everybody, reached Suresh - you should offer Prasad, you have already had all the enjoyment of all the other times before. Suresh laughed and said- My life, I play my game at the end of the day, make these children as men, today, none except me have sex with the woman, all of them are poor. That quote - no matter, I will make you realize all of your life today, which you cannot forget all the ages.

Then Suresh spoke - so let the brothers go all out, the first batting will play Rajiv after him one by one. He himself quotes - what would you like?

I said - let's see the truth, so I do not know myself, what should I do with you?

He said, 'Will you see blue films?' Yes, I have seen so much, but there is a lot of difference in film and life. 'Ok then let me start ...' She said. If yes, then he got up and started shaving his shirt. I said - One minute, please do not wear clothes now. He stopped - you can lie down on the bed here.
He lies down

'In the little side ...' I said so he lay down with a trickle, now it was becoming a big cleavage. I looked at his cleavage - I used to see women and girls' claves in kinship in my house and wanted to touch, but never got touched, today my wish was fulfilled. He smiled at me and as I was saying to him, he used to do it. Then I rolled it upside down and touched her cleavage from the front and kissed and looked and kissed. When she was lying in vomiting, she looked after her bits too. Then I rolled it up on her and touched her back with both hands, backing her back from the back of the woman's bra, she also enjoyed a lot of fun.

"Kiss me ..." I said, so he caught my whip with both hands and what did he do on my lips.

'Not so small, no, tall kissing, leave my lips ...' I said, then he took my lower lips in my lips and started sucking, he fired my tongue on my lower lip, I also liked the lips above it only sucked and licked. He kissed his tongue in my mouth. I saw in movies, but the real life was really amazing. I her and she sucked my tongue I caressed his back, put his hand inside his shirt and took pleasure in touching his bra, with his bum squeezed, his. Then I dropped her off - I want you to look absolutely naked.

He got up and started clotting clothes so I stopped - no, you will not have to eat me, I will do it myself. He smiled I dropped off his shirt, and then dropped the undershirt too. For the first time, a woman in front of me was in a bra, I grabbed her boots, kissed her, cut my teeth, and she kept my hair running.

I rolled it and opened the hook of his bra from behind, and then I opened the stool of his churidar pajama and put his pajamas down. I sat on my lap and kissed her thighs, stomach, and legs and lovingly touching her.

'Are you having a lot of fun?' That quotes.

'Simran, you are the first woman of my life, and then I have to make fun.' I said.

'Then take my life, all my body is yours, as you please. Imagine your honeymoon with me! 'He gave me an open rebate. What do you do, Simran?' I asked. Do everything; what do you want to do?' He answered in the answer. Do those heroes of blue films do all this?' I asked them very inquisitive. Yes, I do all those things, back up and back, everywhere.'

I was very happy to hear her reply. I stripped my clothes only, leaving the trunks, I laid Simran on the bed and lay down on it myself. He also tightened me in arms and wrapped his legs around my waist; I started rubbing my whole land with his trunks on his trunks only from the trunks. He pulled his bra and gave one of his boobs in my mouth - Suck it!

I liked this work; I repeatedly sucked both of her boots, pressed her, and filled her mouth with the whole issue that the voices of CC came out from Simran's mouth. I was very happy when I woke up and got up and pulled the pin of Simran. There was a clean, shaved pussy under the panty. I love him. I saw one finger in her, and she was a little confused.

Can I lick it? I asked. 'Yes,' that bid- but first I wash it. She got up and went to the bathroom; I kept watching her bumps around her round. Within a minute, he washed his own pussy and cleaned it with towels and came out and again lay down in front of me in front of the bed.

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I continued to tongue and licking his pussy, and below his pussy hole. I really liked licking cunt. He might have enjoyed it, and then he took my head in his two thighs and started handling my head with one hand and started pressing his own breast with the other hand.

I felt as if I was torturing him. I put his tongue in the tongue by putting tongue and inside. Her pussy was wet with water; I was licking her water from her pussy too. He grabbed the head of my head with both hands and pulled it up - now kill me, do it, just do it. She pained and said bidding.
'What happened?' I asked.

Just do not tolerate anymore, I will go off, and if I lose, the others who are sitting outside will not be able to give them full fun.' By saying this, she started taking out my tights. I also hurried off the trunks; I lie down on the bed and spread out. He caught my hand in my hand and started sucking in my mouth. When the lips of a woman take the lamps in their hands, they really feel very gentle. She was sucking my land from top to bottom, in my mouth, she removed the skin of my lamps and sucked the top of the land with a tongue licking it. He gave me around and round all. I asked him - I have heard that whatever you are professional can give you the man's water in just 2 minutes?

'Yes, many people do not even want to take 1-2 minutes'. Really, But I do not want to fall so fast, I want to fuck you all for life, please do not do this to me. "I said.

'Okay, as I say, doing the same will be a lot of fun for you.'

I'm ready 'Come on, do so, come up.' She said, and then I lay on her.

He pulled a condom from his purse, grabbed my ladder and handed it over, then set it on his pussy and said - Now pour it inside!

My first pussy first fuck

If I put a push, my ladders slowly slipped into her pussy.

'Ah ...' came out of my mouth.

'Have fun?' He asked.

I said - Baientha

He grabbed my waist and started moving slowly backward. As she was guiding, I was resting her with ease. After a little bit of a fuck, he asked- Is not urinating?
I said - is coming.

'Come and do it.' She said.

I dropped the condom and went back to the wee. He had a new condom made of my lamps and became a mare - take it, now back from the sticks. I liked listening to 'fuck' from her mouth. I put my loin in my pussy from behind and began to fuck her again. I had gripped his waist on which I was pushing loudly, in the middle of the middle; his round goal was to kill a slap on thick fat butts. I was asking him the same way as the horse made of a horse - Simran, do you even get dead?

That quote - Yes, you have to kill?

I said - yes. That quote - brings some oil and come here.

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I asked oil from Suresh and came inside. Simran also imposed a lot of oil on her own car and my condom. When I put it, even after having oil, a big tight tite went inside, but I put the whole inside. Of course, Simran was suffering, but he supported me, I slowly slammed him. Simran gave me the pleasure of all kinds of fun. In between, she herself stopped me, and both of us kissed each other but did not fuck. The advantage of this was that our clothes were very long but now my patience had ended and I wanted to go away now because now it was difficult for me to keep stopping, I told Simran - dear, now a lot Gaya, now let my water out, now it is difficult to stop.

That quote - okay, where will you get rid, in the ass in the car? I said - no, in your mouth, will you take? That quotes - yes, why not.

'Can you drink my semen?' I asked.

'Cannot drink, yes I will take it in the mouth, but later the spit in the bathroom.'

He said so I took my land out of his house. She lowered my condom and started sucking my land in my mouth. It did not take even a minute, and for the first time, my juvenile juice was left in the middle of a woman's life.

I was lost Lying for a while, and Simran continued licking my body here. I enjoyed this too - Simran, after a while I want to fuck you again. '

If I said then that quote - do not worry, all night I have you all with me, 1 times 2 times 3 times as much as you have a breath in the body, so many times, I'm ready to taste all night. ‘How many times have you sex with one night how many people?' I asked.

'I have missed 18 more times in one night, 18 people assembled in the same bedroom; I was stolen, after that, I could not get up from bed for two days.' Saane said so I felt very sorry about that and I did her lips and came out wearing the clothes. After all, the rest went in too, but no one stayed more than 15-20 minutes or half an hour when all came out, then I went in again. Simran was already lying on the bare bed in front of me, I asked - did all this hurry fast? 'Hey all came here only to fuck me, no one has loved you except you, so I quickly took the water out of it and walked.' He answered.
'And what do you think about me?' I asked.

'Hey, you are very nice, you talk about open, you gave me respect, in return I gave you happiness, gave happiness, they had come to think that sister is a patrol, kill her and move on, then your He also treated them the same way, accounting is equal! ' I climbed my clothes and lay naked with him.

Outside, everyone once slept after drinking water, but I and Simran kept talking all night and all night I had thrice and Chadha, and every time I enjoyed more than before. After that, we made sure that whatever the birthday will be, even after 2-4 days, you will celebrate but will celebrate like this. After that Simran never met, every time a new girl or a woman comes. But even today I have not forgotten him. She was really my sex guru, who taught me that do not have sex with a woman, do not love, even if you do not bring her even with money.